From laws to regulations to lawsuits to judges to law firms to lawyers to lobbyists to political donations to bureaucrats to board members and back again, PlainSite explains how the entire legal system works. PlainSite houses more than 2.25 million federal court dockets, records on half a million lawyers, and half a million legal entities (including over 100,000 law firms), thousands of federal judges, and numerous federal and state statutes and regulations. The site connects all of these data points in ways that no other system can.

In addition, PlainSite lets ordinary citizens impact the law-making process. The unique Issues section allows members and anonymous users to identify a problem, optionally propose a solution to it, and easily specify the changes to the statutes or regulations necessary to implement the solution. Other users can then indicate their support of a proposed solution, allowing a critical mass to form behind beneficial changes to the law that legislators cannot ignore.

Project Leader: Aaron Greenspan

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