10 Principles for Responsible Quantum Innovation


Publish Date:
April 12, 2023
Publication Title:
Quantum Science and Technology
IOP Publishing
Journal Article
  • Mauritz Kop et al., 10 Principles for Responsible Quantum Innovation, Quantum Sci. Technol. 9 035013 (2024).
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This paper proposes a set of guiding principles for responsible quantum innovation. The principles are organized into three functional categories: safeguarding, engaging, and advancing (SEA), and are grounded in the values of responsible research and innovation (RRI). Utilizing a global equity normative framework, we link the Quantum-SEA categories to promise and perils specific to quantum technology. The paper operationalizes the Responsible Quantum Technology framework by proposing ten actionable principles to help address the risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with quantum technology. Our proposal aims to catalyze a much-needed interdisciplinary effort within the quantum community to establish a foundation of quantum-specific and quantum-tailored principles for responsible quantum innovation. The overarching objective of this interdisciplinary effort is to steer the development and use of Quantum Technology (QT) in a direction not only consistent with a values-based society but also a direction that contributes to addressing some of society’s most pressing needs and goals.