Peoples Bank of Athens


Publish Date:
April 5, 2010
Publication Title:
Darden Case Working Paper Series
Working Paper
  • David Collier and Kenneth E. Scott, Peoples Bank of Athens, Darden Case Working Paper Series, No. UVA-OM-440 (2010).


A small southern bank must decide whether to install a new, state-of-the-art automatic teller machine (ATM). The task facing the executive vice president of the bank is to analyze the economics of the ATM investment and, given the outcome of that analysis, examine the other, more general factors that have an impact on the decisions for Peoples. Data are available from another bank within Georgia Bankshares, Peoples’ holding company, that allow for a fairly concise economic analysis. There is also considerable qualitative information, both from a historical perspective and from other individuals within the holding company.