Prepare Now for the Era of Quantum Computing


Publish Date:
August 22, 2022
Publication Title:
Hindustan Times
Place of Publication:
New Delhi, India
Newspaper/Magazine Article
  • Wadhwa & Kop, Prepare Now for the Era of Quantum Computing, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, Aug 22, 2022
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We must institute strategic controls that both correspond to the power of the technology and respect democratic values, human rights, and fundamental freedoms. Such strategies may include migrating classical encryption hardware, software, and data to a state of quantum-safe encryption.

Moreover, the democratic world should unite its AI and quantum-computing talent, agenda, and capacity to set the rules of the road for quantum technologies, embedding its (culturally sensitive) ideals, norms, principles, standards, and values into the various quantum-technology domains, en bloc. The free world should prepare for tomorrow’s quantum age today.