Quantum ELSPI: A Novel Field of Research


Publish Date:
May 22, 2023
Publication Title:
Digital Society (Springer Nature)
Journal Article
  • Mauritz Kop, Quantum ELSPI: A Novel Field of Research, Digital Society (Springer Nature) (2023).
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Quantum technology (QT), like any new and emerging technology, brings with it ethical, legal, social, and policy implications (Quantum-ELSPI). In this introductory article to the topical collection, Quantum-ELSPI is depicted as a nascent research field, with a metaparadigmatic character. The articles in this collection all reflect and respond to this emergent field of study. The aim of the current article is to sketch, both descriptively and normatively, the emergence of Quantum-ELSPI as a new research field dedicated to the ethical, legal, social, and policy implications of QT.

On the one hand, the term Quantum-ELSPI is used to describe research activities focused on the societal aspects of QT. The article analyzes the emergence of this research field and provides an overview of pioneering academic activities in this area. On the other hand, it is argued that Quantum-ELSPI can serve as a metaparadigm that sets an interdisciplinary research agenda. As such, it can inspire an account and practice of responsible QT, and eventually contribute to beneficial societal outcomes on the planetary level. The article concludes with a proposed research agenda, calling for the research community to engage with the Quantum-ELSPI field.