The Case for Linking World Law Data


  • Sergio Puig
Publish Date:
December 15, 2014
Publication Title:
2 Journal of Open Access to Law _ .
Working Paper
  • Sergio Puig & Enric G. Torrents, The Case for Linking World Law Data, 2 Journal of Open Access to Law _ (forthcoming 2014).

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The present paper advocates for the creation of a federated, hybrid database in the cloud, integrating law data from all available public sources in one single open access system – adding, in the process, relevant meta-data to the indexed documents, including the identification of social and semantic entities and the relationships between them, using linked open data techniques and standards such as RDF. Examples of potential benefits and applications of this approach are also provided, including, among others, experiences from of our previous research, in which data integration, graph databases and social and semantic networks analysis were used to identify power relations, litigation dynamics and cross-references patterns both intra and inter-institutionally, covering most of the World international economic courts.