Rwanda Legal Development Project

Since 2013, the Rule of Law Program has partnered with the Rwanda Law Reform Commission to produce extensive policy analysis around the feasibility of a national Interpretation Law. The Rule of Law ProgramĀ is currently focusedĀ on producing materials that the government can use to train and sensitize legal practitioners, legislative drafters, and law students on the effects of the reform. Interested students should take the State-Building and Rule of Law Seminar or the Global Poverty and the Law Seminar .

Applied Development Work – Policy

During the 2016-17 academic year, the Rule of Law Program will work with faculty at the University of Rwanda to co-author draft chapters of an introductory textbook on Rwandan law and legal institutions. Interested students should take the State-building and Rule of Law Seminar in winter quarter.

Summer Internship

The Rule of Law Program assists the Chief Justice of the Rwandan Supreme Court to recruit and select two law students to clerk each summer. The recruitment process begins in the winter quarter and clerks work in Rwanda from June to August.

The clerkship for the Chief Justice of Rwandan Supreme Court was a unique opportunity to closely engage in a country's efforts to improve its legal institutions and to learn more about a society with such a particular recent history. As such, the experience strongly reinforced my desire to pursue a career in international rule of law.

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