SLS Academy

SLS Academy helps students navigate the terrain from law school to academia, providing information on how to get started, advice on how to determine if academia is the right path for you, and a social and intellectual outlet outside of the classroom. Most important, SLS Academy is student centered; its mission is to bridge the gap between the world of legal academia and the law school experience. Our programming reflects that mission, and is driven by student demands and desires.

We host brown bag lunches with professors, and workshops to prepare papers for publication. We also foster greater ties between SLS and the wider Stanford academic community, particularly in cognate fields. Depending on student interest, we may coordinate events or cross-list classes with graduate programs in philosophy, political science, or economics.

2017-18 Board Members

Ethan Herenstein
Zac Krowitz

Kyle Grigel

VP Communications:
Jacob Addelson


VP Outreach:
Becky Wong

VPs Academic Life:
Cristina Ceballos
James Baltzer

VP Social:
Mark Krass