Table of Contents

Spring ’23
Issue 108/Vol. 57/No. 2

From the Dean

Cover Story

Fighting for the Future of Indian Law
Stanford’s growing American Indian and Indigenous Law program is on the front lines of law, from the Supreme Court to Tribal Council Chambers.

NALSA: 50 Years of SLS Native Community

Legal Matters

A Discussion with Monica Howard Douglas, JD ’97, GC and SVP at the Coca-Cola Company

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Justice Stephen Breyer Visits Campus

Research Shows IRS Disproportionately Audits Black Taxpayers

Religious Liberty Clinic: Pioneering Education and Advocacy

Wastewater-based Infectious Disease Surveillance

New SLS Humanitarian Program

Associate Dean for Public Service and Public Interest Law

In Focus

Daniel Goldman
A profile of Daniel Goldman, JD ’05, the newly elected congressman from Manhattan’s 10th District

Adair Ford Boroughs
A profile of Adair Ford Boroughs, JD ’07, who was sworn in as the U.S. attorney for the District of South Carolina in July 2022

Raúl Torrez
A profile of Raúl Torrez, JD ’05, who was elected New Mexico’s attorney general in November 2022

Martin Estrada
profile of Martin Estrada, JD ’02, who was sworn in as the U.S. attorney for the Central District of California in September 2022

Matt Platkin
A profile of Matt Platkin, JD ’14 (BA ’09), New Jersey’s youngest attorney general, who was confirmed to the role in September 2022


Social Media Posts Shape Our Perceptions About Crime
A look at the latest research by Julian Nyarko, associate professor of law

Point of View

Arthur Rock’s Intel Memo
Professors Joseph Grundfest, JD ’78, and Robert Bartlett discuss Arthur Rock’s 1968 memo that has gone on to influence much of startup business.

We, the (Native) People?
An excerpt from a paper coauthored by Professor Gregory Ablavsky and Tanner Allread, JD ’22/PhD ’25