Table of Contents

Fall ’03
Issue 67/Vol. 38/No. 1

From the Dean

Cover Story

The Oceans’ Buffalos
Fisheries are in peril from overfishing, despite government catch limits. Law School research explains why regulators aren’t getting the job done and how to fix the problem.


Charity Begins at School
A new Law School program contributes to the nationwide effort to promote pro bono work.

When Time Isn’t Money
There’s mounting pressure to mandate a higher annual payout rate for foundations. Professor Michael Klausner warns that this could be robbing from tomorrow’s needy to help today’s.

The Annual Faculty Report
Law School professors are publishing extensively. This bibliography offers a sampling of their new casebooks, historical works, and scholarly articles.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Let the Sun Shine in: The Crown Library is Reborn

The Supreme Court taps graduates to clerk.

Yale honors a former Law School Dean.

Faculty and alumni are “Making the Grade.”

A new fellowship in conflict resolution is under way.