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Winter ’05
Issue 71/Vol. 39/No. 2

From the Dean

Cover Story

The Tax Man
Professor Joe Bankman is one of the nation’s leading tax law scholars. He’s also among the most effective—helping write a tough new tax shelter law that netted California $1.5 billion last year.


Alumni Weekend 2004
Hundreds of alumni returned to Stanford to greet old friends, meet new dean Larry D. Kramer, and attend stimulating lectures and panel discussions, including one featuring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer (BA ’59).

Tackling a Tough Turnaround
After helping build Kirkland & Ellis into a top-notch law firm, Bill Kirsch ’81 left to take on one of the toughest CEO jobs in America—turning around the once high-flying insurance company Conseco, Inc.

Nuclear Proliferation
Mohamed ElBaradei, executive director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Associate Professor Allen Weiner ’89 discuss the role that international agencies and laws play in slowing, and even preventing, the spread of nuclear weapons.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Criminal Sentencing

Stem Cell Wizard

Law and Economics

Faculty Obituaries

Supreme Court Watch

In Focus

Opening the Courthouse
Professor Deborah L. Rhode examines the inequities of the U.S. legal system in an article based on her new book, Access to Justice

Race and Culture
A conversation with Professor Richard Thompson Ford, author of the recently published book Racial Culture: A Critique.

Outside Directors and Lawsuits
Professor Michael Klausner explores the impact of the $31- million payouts by the directors of WorldCom and Enron.

Point of View

Social Security Privatization: A Disaster
Associate Professor Michele Landis Dauber argues that President Bush’s efforts to privatize Social Security are a disaster.