Table of Contents

Spring ’05
Issue 72/Vol. 39/No. 3

From the Dean

Cover Story

One-on-One with Justice William Rehnquist ’52
An exclusive interview with the chief justice about his years at Stanford Law School, and his classmate and fellow justice Sandra Day O’Connor ’52.

Legal Matters

The Rehnquist Court
A roundtable discussion on William H. Rehnquist’s ’52 tenure as chief justice of the United States, featuring Dean Larry Kramer and professors Kathleen M. Sullivan, Robert Weisberg ’79, Alan B. Morrison, and Eugene Volokh.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

The Global Rule of Law

Lawyering to Silicon Valley 

Biotech Experts Gather

Public Interest Fellowships

Asian Pacific Americans

In Focus

Private Lives
Professor Lawrence M. Friedman documents the emergence of individual rights as a major component of family law in an article based on his new book, Private Lives: Families, Individuals, and the Law.

CEO Pay and Skill
Professor Robert M. Daines writes about his research on the relationship between CEO skill and pay, demonstrating that some CEOs are indeed overpaid.

Let a Thousand Googles Bloom
Professor Lawrence Lessig reveals the dirty little secret about Google’s plan to digitize 20 million books.


In Memoriam

Alumni obituaries