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Spring ’09
Issue 80/Vol. 43/No. 2

From the Dean

Cover Story

Weathering the Storm
How will legal practice weather the economic storm? Will the fall of established firms such as Heller Ehrman force a re-think of the firm business model? In this article, leaders and innovators in legal practice tell us what they think the future holds for the profession.

Legal Matters

Charles T. Munger
Vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and co-founder of Munger, Tolles & Olson LLP, Charles Munger discusses the economic crisis with Professor Joseph A. Grundfest ’78.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Brooksley Born to Recieve John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award

Munger Graduate Residence Opens

SLS Launches Foreign Study and Student Exchange Program

John Atta Mills Elected President of Ghana

Alumna Helps to Launch Stanford Energy Research Center

Former Tuskegee Airman Attends Inauguration

Chief Justice Rehnquist’s Papers Donated to Stanford

Inaugural International Junior Faculty Forum

Levin Center Renames Public Service Alumni Award for Miles Rubin

In Focus

The Prolific Professor: Lawrence M. Friedman
A look at the life and career of Lawrence Friedman as he marks 40 years on the Stanford Law School faculty

The Bingamans: The Power Couple Two-Step
They met in class when they were both 2Ls, married, and moved to New Mexico and then the nation’s capital. This profile looks at the balance of power in this successful dual-career marriage.

John A. Hall: Seeking Truth in Cambodia
One law professor’s efforts to ensure that the victims of the Khmer Rouge receive justice

Just the Facts: Empirical Legal Studies on the Rise
From corporate governance to worker safety to media bias, legal scholars are employing complex data analysis like never before. This report examines the expanding application of empirical research in legal scholarship at Stanford Law School and why it is important.

Stanford Lawyer Magazine Issue 80 1

Point of View

Professor Richard Thompson Ford (BA ’88): A post-election update of The Race Card

Clinic News

Organizations and Transactions Clinic
Highlights from the Mills Legal Clinic of Stanford Law School including a feature story on the Organizations and Transactions Clinic

Faculty News

Stanford Law School faculty awards and highlights


Post Election, Post Race?
James Hairston ’10 on the relevance of race-based student organizations in our post-Obama-election world


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Alumni publications

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Alumni profiles

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Alumni obituaries