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Fall ’10
Issue 83/Vol. 45/No. 1

From the Dean

Cover Story

Saving the Criminal Justice System
With prisons overwhelmed by an inmate population explosion, recidivism at record levels, and incarceration costs soaring, the criminal justice system is in dire need of saving. Will current budget concerns force change?


White-Collar Crime
A look at white-collar crime in the wake of the biggest economic downturn since the Great Depression

Legal Matters

On International Cooperation and Security
INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble ’82 looks back at his accomplishments and forward to the future at the helm of the world’s largest international police organization.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Law.Gov: Legal Documents for the People

Ms. JD Introduces Global Education Fund

Students Focus on Disability Rights

Timor-Leste Legal Education Project

In Focus

Designing Liberation Technologies
A new class inspires students to develop solutions for challenges facing residents of one of Africa’s poorest areas.

Judge Raymond C. Fisher
A profile of Judge Raymond Fisher ’66 of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and his extraordinary legal career

A Growing Community of International Scholars
The JSD program at Stanford Law after a record year of growth

Faculty News

John Donohue
A profile of Stanford Law’s newest faculty appointment, John J. Donohue III

Remembering Howard Williams
Reflections on Robert E. Paradise Professor of Natural Resources Law, Emeritus

Stanford Lawyer Magazine Issue 83 2


Clinic News

Understanding the Power of Prosecution
A report on the Criminal Prosecution Clinic at the Mills Legal Clinic of Stanford Law School


Deborah L. Rhode Tackles the Beauty Bias

Linking Internet Architecture to Innovation

Point of View

Honest Services
Professors David W. Mills and Robert Weisberg ’79 explore issues of white-collar crime in light of the Skilling ruling.


Stanford Prison Forum
Maggie Filler ’12 reports on a multidisciplinary project with students across campus, funded by a SPICE grant

Last Word

A profile of Inbal Naveh ’09 and her work in the Middle East during a firm deferral


In Print
Alumni publications

Shaded Boxes
Alumni profiles

In Memoriam
Alumni obituaries