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Fall ’15
Issue 93/Vol. 50/No. 1

From the Dean

Cover Story

Health and Law
Stanford Law School faculty and students are putting crucial medical issues under a legal microscope, parsing the data to offer solutions to policymakers and businesspeople alike. Here, we look at the growing health law program at Stanford and some of the research SLS faculty and students are engaged in.

Legal Matters

Health, Law, and Access to Treatments
Gregg Alton, JD ’93, executive vice president of Gilead Sciences, and Professor Michelle Mello (BA ’93) discuss some of the challenges and successes of the biotech company including access to critical treatments for HIV and hepatitis c and innovations in distribution to developing nations.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Environmental Sustainability Recognized

New Law Library Director

Advancing Legal Education in Afghanistan

Diversity of Prosecutors Examined

In Focus

Michelle K. Lee: First Woman to Head USPTO Sets Innovation Agenda
Under Secretary of commerce for IP and director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Michelle K. Lee, JD ’92, is balancing important interests in her new role. In this profile, she speaks to the importance of encouraging innovation while not stifling competition.

Stevan Bunnell: Untangling Tough Legal Questions at Homeland Security
Stevan Bunnell, JD ’86, faces a multitude of legal issues every day overseeing 2,000 lawyers as general counsel of the U.S. department of homeland Security. In this profile, he discusses the challenges of his job and his career in law.

Jake Heller’s Casetext: Opening Up Law
Jake Heller, JD ’10, discusses his legal tech startup, Casetext, and its mission to make case law available to the public and build a community of experts to explain it.

Cannabis for Sale?: California Gears Up for a Vote
A measure to commercialize cannabis in California is likely to be on the 2016 ballot. Here, we look at the research done by Stanford Law students into best practices for a possible proposition—and their report, which they shared with key policymakers.

Jake Heller’s Casetext: Opening Up Law


Rethinking Privacy and the Fourth Amendment
Professor David Sklansky explores the broader questions of privacy and the Fourth Amendment.

Clinic News

Environmental Law
A report on Stanford Law’s Environmental Law Clinic, where students are working on a range of important environmental issues while learning important legal skills

New Faculty

Profiles of Stanford Law School’s three new faculty members

Rabia Belt, Assistant Professor of Law

Gregory Ablavsky, Assistant Professor of Law

Alan O. Sykes, Professor of Law


Legal Education in Iraqi Kurdistan
Elizabeth Miller, JD ’16, and Charles Buker, JD ’16, report on the work they are doing with the Iraq Legal education Initiative and their recent trip to Iraqi Kurdistan.

A Local View of the Affordable Care Act
Malia Mcpherson, JD ’16, discusses her summer internship with the San Francisco City Attorney’s office, where she saw the ACA in action.


Professor John Henry Merryman
Former Dean Thomas Ehrlich reflects on John Henry Merryman, Nelson Bowman Sweitzer and Marie B. Sweitzer Professor of Law, Emeritus.


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