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Fall ’17
Issue 97/Vol. 52/No. 1

From the Dean

Cover Story

The Run for Office: JD’s in Politics
Lawyers are uniquely qualified to take on the challenges of elected office. In this feature, we hear from Stanford Law alumni who have navigated the challenges of campaigning and representing their electorates. Here, they discuss everything from campaign funding to grassroots organizing to the satisfaction derived from this unique service— holding elected office.

Legal Matters

On Politics, Law, and Elected Office
In this Q&A with Professor Pamela Karlan, former Senator Jeff Bingaman, JD ’68, discusses his career in the U.S. Congress, where he represented the people of New Mexico for over 30 years, and shares his insights into key issues such as climate change and the gridlock that is making progress in a politically polarized Capitol challenging.

In Brief

Alumni and School News

Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability

Legal Docs for Nonprofits

Judge McConnell Portrait Unveiled

New Center for Law and History

Cambodia’s First Annotated Constitution

In Focus

Miriam Rivera: Changing the Venture Capital Diversity Equation
Miriam Rivera, JD/MBA ’95 (BA ’86, MA ’89), former Google deputy general counsel, discusses her career path to co-founding Ulu Ventures, which funds some of the most diverse groups of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

David White: Top Negotiator for the Stars
David White, JD ’00, heads up the world’s largest talent union. Here, he discusses his position as national executive director and chief negotiator for the Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

The Levin Center: Bringing Public Service to the Fore
This year, Stanford Law celebrates the 10th anniversary of the John and Terry Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law. Here, we look at how it supports public interest careers for students and alumni alike.

Pete McCloskey: Still Speaking His Truth to Power
Paul Norton “Pete” McCloskey, JD ’53 (BA ’50), decorated Korean War veteran and eight-term Republican congressman, is known for his strong support of environmental issues and disregard for party lines. In this profile, he discusses his career—and the state of politics today.

Malissia Clinton: A First-Generation Lawyer’s Rise to GC at Aerospace Corp
In this profile, Malissia Clinton, JD ’93, discusses her career at The Aerospace Corporation, as well as the ongoing challenges of racism in the U.S. and a pivotal experience that she and her family faced in their hometown of Manhattan Beach.

Bright Award for Environmental Sustainability 10

Point of View

Florence St. John and the Unfinished Fight for Fair Employment
An essay by Professor David Freeman Engstrom, JD ’02, on collective bargaining and equal pay, looking back at the first successful case in 1938 to today


Jane Schacter and the Evolving Field of Sexual Orientation Law
Professor Jane Schacter discusses the developing field of sexual orientation law and how it has evolved since she started teaching in 1991.

Clinic News

Youth and Education Law Project
A report on recent work done by students in YELP

New Faculty

Curtis Milhaupt
Stanford Law welcomes Curtis Milhaupt, an expert on the legal systems of East Asia, comparative corporate governance, law and economic development, and state capitalism.


Studying the Real Ramifications of Fake News
An essay by Sarah Mahmood, JD ’19, on her research into fake news and its spread through social media


Miguel Méndez
An essay by Robert Garcia, JD ’78 (BA ’74)


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