Evictions and How COVID Changed the Discussion About Government Support For Society’s Most Vulnerable with Juliet Brodie and Lauren Zack

When AG Garland put out a call to lawyers, law students, and law schools generally to suit up to deal with the “eviction tsunami” that many are predicting in the coming months, Juliet Brodie, director of the Stanford Community Law Clinic and an expert in tenants’ rights answered the call. In this episode, Joe and Rich discuss evictions, the challenges lower income Americans face in staying in their homes, and how the law has been innovating during COVID-19. Juliet is joined by Lauren Zack, a teaching and litigation fellow working on the eviction projects with the clinic.

This episode originally aired on SiriusXM on November 20, 2021.


Eviction Crisis with Juliet Brodie and Lauren Zack 1