Volume 21


Abigail Xu

Stevie DeGroff
Executive Editor

Josh Walden
Executive Editor

Emma Eastwood-Paticchio
Managing Editor

Eleanor Anthony
Articles Committee Chair

Nicole Bronnimann
Articles Committee Chair

Binquan Zhuang
Articles Committee Chair

Sophia Cai
Online Editor

Audrey Kim
Symposium Director

Alyssa Zhang
Symposium Director

Monica Zwolinski
Symposium Director

Member Editors
Jared Bond
George Brown
Brittany Cazakoff
Yanni Chen
Christie Corn
Ryan Daniels
Lori Ding
Yixin Gong
Zach Harned
Mary Hwang
Ishan Kumar
Sidhant Kumar
Nathan Lange
Larry Liu
Andrew McCreary
Tori Noble
Alyssa Picard
Neha Reddy
Claire Santiago
Will Setrakian
Xing Shao
Macey Shay
Connie Wang
Zachary Waterman
Becca Weires
Reid Whitaker
Katherine Worden
George Zhang


Mailing Address
Stanford Technology Law Review
Crown Quadrangle, Stanford Law School, Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305

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