Online Office Hours with Professor Hank Greely

Hank Greely, Deane F. and Kate Edelman Johnson Professor of Law and director of the Center for Law and the Biosciences, will host the next set of Stanford Open Office Hours on Facebook.  At Stanford, professors traditionally set aside a few hours each week for students to drop by for conversation about course content, recent research findings, or career advice.  The Stanford Open Office Hours is a program that opens up that sort of informal, one-to-one learning to the public by creating an online office where anyone can post a question and the professor can respond through video.

Anyone interested in submitting questions for Professor Greely, or in watching his video responses, should follow these four steps:

(1) Read the ground rules
(2) Watch Professor Greely’s kickoff video in which he outlines some of the most interesting legal, ethical, and social issues surrounding health law, the biosciences and neurolaw today
(3) If you have questions you would like Professor Greely to answer, post them in the comment thread beneath the video.
(4) When they are available, watch the 1 or 2 additional videos, in which Professor Greely will respond to questions and continue the conversation.

The Stanford Open Office Hours are open to anyone on facebook.  To follow the conversation in your newsfeed, become a Fan of the Stanford University Facebook profile.

– Kelly Lowenberg