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As SLS students hurry between their classes, a black-and-white photo exhibit in the middle of a busy hallway provides a heartbreaking reason for them to stop and think about young students like them in Ukraine whose own studies–and lives–were cut short by the Russian invasion two years ago. ...

The traveling “Unissued Diplomas” exhibit, which has, to date, been held in 67 universities across 24 countries, made its way to SLS thanks to the efforts of Alana Murphy, JD ’25, who saw the sobering photos at the University of Warsaw when she and other students traveled to Poland as part of an SLS class on legal reform and governance in Ukraine. The exhibit shares the stories of 40 Ukrainian students, most of them in their late teens and early twenties, with smiling faces and big dreams.

California’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law, which passed in 1994, was one of the tough-on-crime measures that swept the country in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Later, as the prisons were overflowing, the stories started to come out: A man sent to prison for life for ...stealing a pair of shoes. Another sentenced to life for breaking into a soup kitchen.

Read a Q&A with Stanford Law's Mike Romano, the founder and director of the Three Strikes Project, the first law school program of its type in the country.

Since 1952, the Kirkwood Moot Court competition at SLS has allowed students to experience the thrill of briefing and arguing a real Supreme Court case. Meet this year’s winners in the story for Stanford Lawyer Magazine through the link in bio.

First picture with the Kirkwood Moot Court ...award winners and judges (from left to right):
- Garrett Wen, JD ’24 (Best Overall Team and Best Oralist)
- Graham Ambrose, JD ’24, (Best Overall Team)
- Daniel A. Bress, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
- Florence Y. Pan, JD ’93, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
- Chief Judge Srikanth “Sri” Srinivasan, JD/MBA ’95, United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia
- Nikta Shahbaz, JD ’25 (Best Overall Brief)
- Molly Shapiro, JD ’25 (Best Oralist and Best Overall Brief)

Second photo: Graham Ambrose, left, and Garrett Wen took the Best Overall Team award.

That concludes SLR’s 2024 Symposium: Speech in Twenty-First Century Schools & Universities.

Thank you all for attending and following along this weekend! Same time next year?

Stanford Law Review’s 2024 Symposium: Speech at Twenty-First Century Schools and Universities, Day One.

See you all tomorrow!

Follow along today through Saturday as the Stanford Law Review takes over SLS’s Instagram to give you a look into their 2024 symposium on speech at twenty-first century schools and universities.
View the symposium details:

Finishing touches! We can’t wait to welcome you to the 2024 Stanford Law Review Symposium!

Starting tomorrow through Saturday the Stanford Law Review will take over SLS’s Instagram to give you a look into their 2024 symposium on speech at twenty-first century schools and universities. ...For more details on the symposium, click the link in bio. #stanfordlawreview #SLSlife

Stanford Law Professor Michelle Mello and colleagues argue that state legal reforms have exacerbated rather than improved weaknesses in U.S. emergency powers revealed by COVID-19, jeopardizing future responses.

Stanford Law's Rule of Law Impact Lab and Media Defence seized Human Rights Regional Court (ECOWAS), on behalf of Africtivistes and Senegalese journalists, to challenge the Senegalese government’s internet shutdowns in 2023 and are seeking interim measures to prevent new shutdowns.

...Read more:

So happy that the Jones Terrace, located on the second floor of the Neukom Building, is open again! 🌿

Last week, Stanford Law Professor Michelle Mello testified before the United States Senate Committee on Finance on “Artificial Intelligence and Health Care: Promise and Pitfalls.”

In a new online feature, Stanford Lawyer Magazine looks at Professor George Fisher's new book, "Beware Euphoria: The Moral Roots and Racial Myths of America’s War on Drugs".

Read more: