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What a day! 277 Stanford Law School students graduated -193 JD students, 71 LLM students, 9 JSM students, 3 JSD students, and 1 MLS student. Congratulations, graduates! We can’t wait to see the incredible things you do in the years to come! #stanfordlawgrads2024 🎓

We are so excited to celebrate our graduates today! Please tag your graduation photos to #stanfordlawgrads2024

Meet Madison Irene, a JD student in Stanford Law School’s class of 2024. “Law School is hard and rewarding. The friends I made along the way, the teachers I learned from, and the clients I worked for made the journey an incredible one,” said Irene about her experience at SLS.

Allen Weiner, Senior Lecturer in Law, Director of the Stanford Program in International and Comparative Law, Director of the Stanford Humanitarian Program and Director of the Stanford Center on International Conflict and Negotiation discusses the "proportionality of war" in an interview ...for CBC News. View more:

Stanford Law School offers a wide range of courses such as “How to Ask a Question” and “California Coast: Science, Policy and Law.” These unique courses contribute to the vibrant academic environment at the school. Hear from SLS’s class of 2024 as they talk about their favorite classes ...and the incredible faculty who taught them.

Mark Lemley, the William H. Neukom Professor of Law at Stanford Law School and the Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology, co-authored an opinion essay, "How Big Tech Is Killing Innovation," for The New York Times. Read more here:

Can law school be fun?! Students from SLS’s class of 2024 answer that question with a few of their fondest memories. From fountain hopping to climbing Mount Whitney, students highlight some of the joys of law school.

The tent is up! We are so excited to celebrate Stanford Law School’s class of 2024 at graduation🎓

Hey all you SLS alums out there, check out our newest alumni, the incredible class of 2024!

SLS’s class of 2024's graduation is just around the corner! Since this amazing class will be leaving us soon, we are highlighting a few of these extraordinary graduates over the next few ...weeks with the help of Stefan Suazo and Kayva Muduganti, SLS’s class of 2024 co-presidents, who conducted interviews with eight of their classmates before flipping the camera on themselves. Follow along in the upcoming days and weeks to learn more about our graduates’ favorite memories of their time at SLS along with their plans post-graduation. Congratulations to the SLS class of 2024!

Meet Felipe Volio, an LLM student in Stanford Law School’s class of 2024. “Stanford gave me the confidence to embrace completely new topics with an open mind. I plan to carry this curious approach into my future challenges,” said Volio about his SLS experience.

Meet Alisa Hoban, a JD student in Stanford Law School’s class of 2024. “I am so grateful for my time at Stanford Law School and would not be where I am without the support of family, friends, and loved ones who have supported me throughout my time here!” said Hoban about her SLS experience.