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In the latest episode of Stanford Legal podcast we hear from co-host Richard Thompson Ford on dress codes in history and today.

From the recent Senate dress code controversy to landmark legal cases, explore the nuanced intersection of the law and fashion, gender... identity, and cultural expression. The discussion begins with the recent Senate dress code controversy, unraveling the political and cultural factors at play.

Listen to the latest Stanford Legal podcast as we hear from co-host Richard Thompson Ford (@our_ford) on dress codes, from sumptuary laws to senate suits, in history and today.

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From Sumptuary Laws to Senate Suits: Dress Codes in History and Today | Stanford Law School

“We are talking about empowering partisan politicians such as state secretaries of state to disqualify their political opponents from the ballot, depriving voters of the ability to elect candidates of their choice.”-SLS's Michael McConnell via @NewYorker.

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A High-Risk Legal Effort to Keep Trump Off the Ballot

Three state lawsuits could stop the former President from appearing on 2024 ballots—but they could also backfire.