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Last week, the inaugural SLS Firm Expo series kicked off as SLS students met with over eighty law firm representatives from across the country (over a third of whom were SLS alumni!). The series is a fantastic opportunity for students to network with private sector attorneys, develop valuable ...contacts, and receive first hand advice on navigating the legal profession.

The 2024 Firm Expo series will wrap up on April 23 with attorneys and recruiters from over thirty five different firms, giving students the chance to further broaden their network and knowledge of the firm legal market. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

"It’s really important to make sure people understand quantum technology's' huge potential for good."

Read a Legal Aggregate Q&A with SLS's Mauritz Kop, who recently wrote a paper outlining how to responsibly develop mind-bending new technologies. ...

In a new blog post for Stanford Law and Biosciences, Suzan Slijpen, Mauritz Kop & I. Glenn Cohen discuss the EU and US regulatory challenges facing AI health care innovator firms.

Read the full post:

In an inaugural blog post for the Stanford Center for Responsible Quantum Technology, Mauritz Kop, founder and executive director of Stanford RQT, interviews Alexandra Waldherr, now in her first year as RQT fellow. She breaks down what lead her on her journey to Stanford RQT and to the field of ...responsible quantum technology, and details the latest research findings of her RQT Project, named Quantum Hardware, Simulation and Education.

In its 5th year, Stanford's Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy Initiative partnered with law firms to provide pro bono support to over 50 for-profit and nonprofit startups taking on key sustainability challenges.

Juelsgaard Intellectual Property and Innovation Clinic students Mark Cantu, JD ’24, Tim Fellows, JD ’24, and Mike Roesler, JD ’24, recently submitted a comment to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) supporting the agency’s proposed framework interpreting the criteria ...necessary to exercise patent march-in rights under the Bayh-Dole Act.

Read more here:

Stanford Law School announced today that Mila Sohoni will join its faculty as a Professor of Law on June 1, 2024. Sohoni teaches and writes in the areas of civil procedure, administrative law, federal courts, legislation, and health law.

The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX) announces their 11th annual FutureLaw conference on April 11, 2024. Be part of an exclusive educational experience & seize the opportunity to network, to challenge the status quo, & to contribute to pivotal conversations about the future of

Dare to ask the difficult questions with us:

“Law and robust legal institutions play critical roles in addressing the most pressing challenges to our society, and Stanford Law School must lead in promoting vigorous and open debate in key areas of law and public policy. In doing so, it is essential that we draw from a broad pool of talented ...individuals who bring diverse life experiences, perspectives, and methodologies, and that we continue to build together a vibrant community in which constructive, respectful, and inclusive exchange thrives.”

Prof. George Triantis has been named dean of Stanford Law School, Provost Jenny Martinez announced. Triantis, who joined the Stanford faculty in 2011, writes and teaches in the fields of contracts, commercial law, and bankruptcy. He will assume his new position on June 17.

Asking ChatGPT-4 for advice on how much one should pay for a bicycle being sold by someone with a first name suggestive of a Black woman will yield a far lower dollar amount than the same request using a seller’s name widely seen as belonging to a white man. In a Legal Aggregate Q&A, Stanford... Law School Professor Julian Nyarko discusses his latest paper, “What’s in a Name? Auditing Large Language Models for Race and Gender Bias."