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Stanford Law School students and recent alumni were honored for their contributions to public interest law and pro bono work during a May 15 ceremony at the law school. A standing-room-only crowd of faculty, staff, students, and award winners’ family members gathered for the Spring Community ...Leadership and Public Interest Awards Reception presented by the Office of Student Affairs and the John and Terry Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law.

The Deborah L. Rhode Center on the Legal Profession at Stanford Law School announces that Lisa Colpoys will be joining as the Justice Innovation Lead for the Filing Fairness Project, an initiative focused on standardizing and simplifying court filings across multiple states.

Colpoys ...brings extensive experience as a leader and innovator in public service and has spent her career working to create and deliver new ways for people to solve their legal problems.

The Stanford Law School Rule of Law Impact Lab has filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the Mexican Bar Association before the Mexican Supreme Court in the pending lawsuit challenging legislation (also known as “Plan B”) undermining the independence of Mexico’s highly-regarded Instituto ...Nacional Electoral (National Electoral Institute) or INE. The brief, filed on May 26, submits that the legislation violates Mexico’s obligations under international law relating to democracy and the right to vote and participate in free and fair elections.

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Amrit Singh, a longtime human rights lawyer, has joined Stanford Law School to launch and lead its new Rule of Law Impact Lab, which provides a transnational, multi-jurisdictional focus on combating democratic decline, including through research and public education, advocacy, and litigation. ...

"The Sackett decision dramatically shrinks the authority of the US Environmental Protection Agency & Army Corps of Engineers to regulate wetlands."

Deborah Sivas talks to Legal Aggregate about the SCOTUS decision limiting EPA powers & possible impacts: ...

"The Colorado River is the life blood of the Southwest United States. Although it pales in size compared to the Mississippi and Ohio, it is the principal source of water for the seven states... Most of the water goes to support these state’s agricultural sectors, but the river also supplies ...critical water to Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, and Tucson."

In a new Q&A for Legal Aggregate, Professor Buzz Thompson, a global expert on water and natural resources discusses the agreement—and challenges still facing the millions of people, creatures, plants, and ecosystems that depend on the Colorado for water.

“There is much value in what endures, as well as hope for species in the most tenuous circumstances. My dream is to make people understand the biological richness of this country … and how we can make things better for Haiti,” - Anderson Jean, Bright Award winner

Next week, Thursday,... June 1, Stanford will celebrate Anderson Jean, the 2022 Bright Award winner, with an award presentation followed by a panel discussion focusing on the challenges of conservation in poverty-stricken portions of the world, in the Caribbean, and beyond.

Learn more:

On May 18, the Supreme Court issued a 9-0 ruling in Twitter v. Taamneh and a companion case, Gonzalez v. Google, rejecting efforts to hold Twitter, Google and Facebook culpable for a deadly Islamic State attack discussed on those platforms.

In a new Q&A for Legal Aggregate, Daphne ...Keller, a lecturer in law at Stanford Law School and director of the Program on Platform Regulation at Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center, discusses the decisions.

New research, undertaken by an interdisciplinary team of Stanford Law and Stanford Medicine students, looks at the overlap between biomedical research paper authors and those authors who go on to be named inventors of their research on patents.

The findings, published in Nature ...Biotechnology on May 16, are discussed here with Ishan Kumar, JD/PhD ‘23, who led the project.

Stanford Law School Assistant Professor Elizabeth Hidalgo Reese, Yunpoví (Willow Flower in the Tewa language) joined the Biden-Harris Administration last month and is serving as the Senior Policy Advisor for Native Affairs for the White House Domestic Policy Council.

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How is the Court using text and history, and how should it? On May 19-20 the Stanford Constitutional Law Center will bring together scholars and practitioners to interrogate these questions.

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Join us for the Digital Economy Best Practices conference at Stanford Law School on June 12. There will be a great lineup of speakers –industry and academia experts--who will address current issues facing the industry and offer practical solutions for dealing with the many legal uncertainties ...that arise when doing business online.

REGISTER TODAY--Early Bird Pricing ends Friday

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