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“CodeX is proud to work with the City of San José... with our goal to offer opportunities for... students to collaborate on vital work that can provide the public with better access to critical legal tools.” Roland Vogl, @CodeXStanford.

SLS Professor Michael McConnell was quoted in a recent @WSJ article titled "Can Colorado Tell Lorie Smith and 303 Creative What to Say?"

In this explosive, never-before-heard episode, Evelyn and Alex discuss the trust and safety implications of the AI text-generator ChatGPT, the expansion of a cross-industry database for removing non-consensual intimate images from platforms, a legal challenge to a new online hate speech law in New ...York, and….. The Twitter Files, of course.

SLS Professor William Gould was interviewed for a recent @KCBSRadio podcast about how the New Mills College union is a part of a larger movement across higher education.

.@morganweiland, Executive Director of the Stanford Constitutional Law Center, wrote and op-ed for @sfchronicle on how "Elon Musk’s libertarian ‘information flow’ ideology is going to drown us all":

"If the union is successful in negotiating what objectively could be seen as real improvements... this undoubtedly is going to resonate with other workers who are similarly situated," said SLS Professor William Gould in a recent @freep article.

In this explosive episode of Moderated Content, @evelyndouek and @alexstamos discuss the trust and safety implications of the AI text-generator ChatGPT, a legal challenge to a new online hate speech law in NY, and... The Twitter Files, of course.

David J. Hayes, JD ’78, is back at Stanford Law School as a visiting lecturer after serving in the White House as Special Assistant to President Biden for Climate Policy. His diverse career spanning private practice, government service, and academia has made him a leading national voice on ...climate change policy.

In a Q&A for Legal Aggregate, Hayes discusses his time in the Biden White House and his new paper advocating a "whole of government" approach to creating climate resilience.

There is still time to register for the 23rd Annual Berkeley-Stanford Advanced Patent Law Institute this week, December 8-9, at Stanford's Paul Brest Hall.

View the full agenda along with list of speakers this year including Stanford Law's @marklemley:

"It is exciting to be in an environment which engages world-class resources... to address the most difficult and important issues," said @djhayes01 when asked about what keeps drawing him back to Stanford University in an interview with @StanfordLawMag.

Research Scholar at the Stanford Internet Observatory, @Riana_Crypto, wrote an article titled "Shooting the Messenger: Remediation of Disclosed Vulnerabilities as CFAA 'Loss',"published in the Richmond Journal of Law and Technology.

SLS Professor @ShirinSinnar wrote an article, published in the Harvard Law Review Forum, titled "A Label Covering a 'Multitude of Sins': The Harm of National Security Deference":