Goodbye 2010…

Winter break officially begins for us at about 5 pm today when we turn off our computers, leave our extended absence messages on our phones and turn out the lights.  (Perhaps I use the term “winter” too freely here – especially for those of you who are snowed under or find yourselves in freezing temperatures.  New Hampshire, Maine and Minnesota come to mind.  I feel your pain, but I am smiling away.  It’s a teeth-chattering 51 degrees here in Palo Alto and I’m headed to a place where the average temperature is in the low 80s.)  We’ll open up for business on January 3 and will get right on top of things.  Our attempt at hibernation, though, does not affect your workload.  You are still able to work on your application and you are still able to hit the submit button if you’ve put that finishing touch on your personal statement and are ready to get it out of your hands and into ours.  Remember, though, that if you aren’t quite yet done you can put this time to good use.  Take the extra time to fine tune your personal statement.  Take the extra time to make sure there’s a common thread running through your application and that things are tied together.  You don’t need to rush. For those of you who’ve submitted all materials and whose applications are complete, please know that not everything comes to a complete standstill – I’ll be reading.  My laptop will be my faithful companion over the break.  For those of you out there who are nervously biting your fingernails and waiting for a call from me, take a break.  No more calls until January.

Put aside the law school stuff for a little while.  Go out for a walk or a run.  Let visions of sugar plums dance in your head.  Read a good book.  Enjoy a good meal with friends and family.  Be good to yourself.  Celebrate 2010 and ring in 2011 in style.

Happy holidays to all.