It’s mid-December and I’ve not yet started to make my calls to you.  That will change very soon (as in today or tomorrow) and you may be the one to see the 650 call come through or you may be the one to read that congratulatory email in your in-box.  I’ve got a stack of files in front of me and I’m feeling a tad playful and mischievous  thinking about who will be that first person I call.  Should I do it in alpha order?  Should I do it by date the files were completed?  Should I just toss the files up in the air and pick the one that lands face up?  Should I get out my map of the country, close my eyes and pick a state?  [Remember spinning the globe when you were young – with no idea of what was yet to come – to decide where you’d live when you grew up?]  Should I do it by time zone?  I really shouldn’t call someone from California when it’s 7:15 am, right, especially if that someone is still in school?

If you’ve not read my blog from last year about my Don’t Do This list, spend a few minutes and take a glance at it.  All five points are still relevant.  I did not hear “I’m in the middle of lunch. Can I call you back?” last season and thank goodness for that.  I was fully prepared to first scream into the phone and then very politely say “I’m sorry.  I think I’ve reached you in error.  Sorry to have been a bother.”  I do want to add one question to that original list and I really hope no one will ask this of me this year.  “I know you send out t-shirts, so could I get one in an extra small?”  If that question pops up, I guarantee that particular admit will end up with the largest t-shirt in our stash.  I suppose it’s not really an outlandish question and nowhere as obnoxious as the out to lunch comment, but still.

Now, I hope you won’t be nervous or anxious when I reach you quite simply because there is no reason for you to be nervous or anxious.  It’s just me calling.  It’s okay if you can’t think of anything especially coherent to say at the moment.  I understand.  It’s okay if you start screaming and can’t seem to stop.  I understand.  Someone who did just that last year is here now in the 1L class and we laugh about it with each other.  It’s okay if you think about something witty you could have said three minutes after we end the conversation.  I understand.  I’m here if you want to give me a call back.  It’s just me and you’ve got my number.  It’s not okay to tell me you’ve already heard from other schools.  I won’t understand.  Just kidding.  Remember one thing…if the call (or email) comes, it is well deserved and I should really be the one screaming into the phone hoping you’ll choose Stanford.

Talk to you soon…

(Curious about the meaning of Moshi Moshi?)