Law and Biosciences Workshop Series

Over the next eight weeks, the CLB will host distinguished speakers to present and discuss new research at the intersection of law and the biosciences.  The workshops will be held from 4:15-6:15 on Tuesdays at Stanford Law School, Room 185.  These sessions are free and open to the public, and we welcome you to attend.

Law & Biosciences Workshop Series

January 17        Russell Korobkin (UCLA Law School), Bounded Rationality, Moral Hazard, and the Case for Relative Value Health Insurance

January 24       Robin Feldman (Hastings College of Law), The Giants Among Us

January 31       Adam Kolber (Brooklyn Law School), Smooth and Bumpy Laws

February 7       Jaime King (Hastings College of Law), Not this Child: Constitutional Questions in Regulating Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis and Selective Abortion

February 14     Rebecca Eisenberg (University of Michigan Law School), Wisdom of the Ages or Dead-Hand Control?  Patentable Subject Matter for Diagnostic Methods After In re Bilski

February 21     David Winickoff (University of California, Berkeley), Research Tools and the Enclosure of Biology: Renegotiating the Social Contract for Science

February 28     Bennett Foddy (Oxford University), Engineered Addiction:  Ethical Issues in Intentionally Addictive Design

March 6            Brenda Simon (Thomas Jefferson School of Law), The Implications of Cognitive Enhancement for Obviousness