Podcast Bonanza

As some of you may know, we podcast a lot over here at CLB, about once a month. With that said, we have not one but four special installments of podcasts for you, all graciously hosted by Stanford Talks. The first is our December podcast, where we discuss the In re Frito-Lay All Natural Litigation case, developments in genetic testing, and U.S. v. Caronia. You can listen straight from the blog here:

[audio:http://talks.stanford.edu/video/law/clb/podcast/clb_podcast_05_2012-12-22.mp3|titles=Podcast 6]

Our second is a special, blockbuster Supreme Court special. There we discuss five major law and biosciences cases currently pending before the Court: Bowman v. Monsanto, Mutual Pharmaceutical v. BartlettFTC v. Watson, Maryland v. King, and Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics.

[audio:https://talks.stanford.edu/video/law/clb/podcast/clb_podcast_2013-01-01_SupremeCourtSpecial.mp3|titles=Supreme Court Special Podcast]

In addition, as part of our Law and Biosciences workshop, Hank has been hosting mini-podcasts with our speakers about their papers. This month, we have Peter Lee at UC Davis School of Law and Robert Merges, currently visiting Stanford Law School, but the Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology at the UC Berkeley School of Law.

Mini-Podcast with Peter Lee

[audio:https://talks.stanford.edu/video/law/clb/podcast/clb_podcast_2013-01-08_Mini-Podcast_Peter-Lee.mp3|titles=Mini-Podcast with Peter Lee]

Mini-Podcast with Robert Merges

[audio:https://talks.stanford.edu/video/law/clb/podcast/clb_podcast_2013-01-15_Mini-Podcast_Robert-Merges.mp3|titles=Mini-Podcast with Robert Merges]

Here at CLB, we simply couldn’t produce our podcasts without the assistance of David L.M. Preston, our sound engineer, music director, and friend. Thanks, David!