CGCP launches the Guiding Cases Analytics!

We are excited to launch the Guiding Cases AnalyticsTM!

Guiding Cases AnalyticsTM analyzes trends in the Guiding Cases selected and released by China’s Supreme People’s Court and identifies important issues for further study. Expected to be an essential supplement to the qualitative analysis of cases, Guiding Cases AnalyticsTM will help deepen our understanding of China’s court system and case law.

The first round of quantitative analysis completed by Guiding Cases AnalyticsTM shows some interesting trends and issues. For instance, compared with other Guiding Cases, the first Guiding Case on patent law (No. 20) and the first Guiding Case on food safety law (No. 23) provide more detailed reasons. Most cases selected for release as Guiding Cases are about two years old, but the SPC selected two cases that were about five years old and released them as Guiding Cases No. 6 and No. 17. What explains these ‚Äúanomalies‚ÄĚ? What are the implications? To read more about our interesting findings, please visit:

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