That’s quite the dry spell between my last blog and this entry, isn’t it? To be truthful, though, that September 8 posting wasn’t really mine. I had a paragraph only and Jake Klonoski did all the heavy lifting, but I just can’t face the day count being any higher so I’m still calling that posting one of my own. I won’t delve into any kind of deep analysis concerning the reasons for the radio silence on my end. Let’s just chalk it up to my muse being on an extended vacation or, even more fittingly, to the vagaries of life and leave it at that.

So, let’s now flip the lens back on to you and let me mention a summer project I’ve been working on with a group of very good friends from across the country. I feel like I’m about to write that all-too-familiar “What I did on my summer vacation” essay we all wrote way back when. At a gathering in December right here on the Stanford campus, a few of us came up with an idea for a series of summer workshops for law school applicants to be held across the country in four major cities. Get a cohort of law schools together who are similar in numerous ways – our applicant pools overlap considerably, we approach legal education in comparable ways, our graduates’ career opportunities remain robust – and make the very strong case that attending law school is a worthy undertaking. Come up with a catchy name – L.A.W.S. (aka Law Admissions Workshop Series) and we are on our way. Over the course of the winter and spring we worked out a plan via 14-way conference calls (try finding a time that works for all 14 school representatives from three different time zones to be on a call), smaller working groups and lot of email flying back and forth. And, at the same time we’re all trying to read files and build our classes. How did we manage it all?

Our first two events – Washington, DC and New York – were big hits. I say this based on the packed room, on the quality of the panel presentation by my colleagues, and on the quality of the questions posed to me during the law school fair-type event that followed the panel. The next two events are coming up – Tuesday (August 5th) in Chicago and Thursday (August 7th) in Los Angeles. If you’re in either city next week, make sure to add the event to your calendar. To get more details and to register, check out

Come and spend the evening with me and thirteen of my good friends.

Gotta go. I’m keeping this short because I need to get this posted before I hit 329 days…