Religious Liberty Clinic Students Lead Deposition Efforts

Religious Liberty Clinic Leads Deposition Effort
Ken Daines and Mary Huang in Sacramento to defend deposition




After just one month in clinic, Religious Liberty Clinic students have already defended depositions in separate cases in state and federal court and are preparing to take several opposing-party depositions in the coming weeks. The students in each case represent Seventh-day Adventists whose employers refused their requests for Sabbath accommodation; a central tenant of the Adventist faith is abstaining from paid work on Saturday, and California law requires employers to accommodate such Sabbath observance absent compelling circumstances. The students taking or defending depositions in these cases are Micah Bluming (JD ’16), Ken Daines (JD ’17), Mary Huang (JD ’17), Olga Musayev (JD ’17), and Christina Neitzey (JD ’17).