Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

*Mermaids are caught on film. Tune in to the Discovery Channel.

*Bigfoot sightings – check out all the newspaper articles. I believe Bigfoot was last seen in New Jersey. I think there might even be a movie in the making about Bigfoot and zombies. You heard it here first.

*Full House returns to TV as Fuller House with everyone grown up. Yikes, sorry, this one’s real.

*Crop circles are created by extraterrestrials. Has Mulder has made you a believer?

*SLS is done making offers for fall 2016 entry. Check out the law discussion board. OK, I confess I don’t check out the law school discussion boards or blogs at all. I imagine it would be difficult to read some things that get posted. I also imagine my frustration level would be out of whack and my cynic-meter would be off the charts. So, the only way I hear about SLS “facts” are through conversations with current students who still pay attention to the boards (Why?) or in conversations with admitted students. This brings me to a call I made today. It was a very pleasant conversation – there’s a seat here at Stanford with your name on it – and during the chat I learned that according to the discussion boards SLS is done with making offers of admission; that the only envelopes leaving our office these days are thin ones – wait list letters and deny letters. Go figure. It looks to me like the information out there on the discussion boards is just plain inaccurate and unreliable when it comes to what’s going on here in the admissions office. If you were to call or email us, we’d give you the information straight up. We’re not done with our work yet.

*Jon Snow is alive. Watch Season 6. The verdict is still out on this one. Might be true.

*No freshmen admitted to Stanford. There will be no Class of 2020. Frank Bruni said so in the New York Times. [Think satire, think joke.]

I’m going to shut down the computer now. Can’t sleep, but I see there are a couple of shows on TV that sound interesting – one about a revolutionary brush that straightens hair in minutes OR one about an anti-aging cream that reverses wrinkles.