Phishing Scam Alert from California Bar

Compiled by Monica Bay

FYI:  Given that the CodeX community includes many California bar lawyers, I’m posting the State Bar’s Friday email.  (Links and images added by me.)

The State Bar of California is aware of an email phishing scam that is targeted at attorneys in a number of states. The email subject line says: “The Office of The State Attorney Complaint.” No such office exists.

If you received the email, please delete it immediately. Do not follow any links or open any attachments. If you do, your computer or cell phone could be exposed to a virus.

The State Bar of California’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC) is responsible for receiving complaints, and OCTC staff may request a response from an attorney, typically by letter. When OCTC staff contact an attorney by email, they identify themselves with a standard email signature that provides their name, title and contact information.

Phishing Scam Alert from Calif Bar

Thank you,

Elizabeth R. Parker
Executive Director
The State Bar of California





Monica Bay is a CodeX Fellow and a freelance journalist and analyst. She is a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay

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