ABA Future Group Pivots to Immigration

Wow. Wow. Wow!  The American Bar Association is not known for speed, but its Law Practice Division has always been at the front row of ABA change. And Friday, it showed its true grit. At what was scheduled to be a meeting discussing the future of law practice, that committee “suddenly pivoted to address a problem very mucn in the present, and in a matter of a few hours, resolved it,” writes Robert Ambrogi on his Law Sites blog.

“You can see the finished product at ImmigrationJustice.US. The site, as it describes itself, “is a portal to harness the energy of the legal profession and coordinate the efforts of volunteer lawyers helping immigrants in response to President Trump’s Executive Orders altering our immigration system,” writes Ambrogi.

Check it out!

ABA Future Group Pivots to Immigration 2


Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX, journalist, and a member of the California bar. She and Ambrogi co-host Law Technology Now (Legal Talk Network).

Cover image: Clipart.com