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• Microsoft Corp. has announced the limited public preview of Advanced Data Governance, to help”customers find and retain the data that is most important to them while eliminating redundant, obsolete and trivial data that could cause risk if compromised,” said Nishan DeSilva, Principle Program Manager.

Advanced Data Governance focuses on three primary areas, he said:
• Automatic Classification: classify data based on automatic analysis (age, user, type, sensitive data and user provided fingerprints)
• Intelligent Policies: Policy recommendations based on machine learning and cloud intelligence
• Take Action: Apply actions to preserve high value data in-place and purge what’s redundant, trivial or obsolete.

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Kamal Janardhan


More info:
Announcement blog
Mechanics video  featuring Principal Engineer Kamal Janardhan.
• Sign-up for Advanced Data Governance limited public preview.



Fresh Intelligentsia: Data & Ecosystems
Mark A. Cohen


Check out:  “The 2017 Georgetown Report and the Sunset of the Traditional Law Firm Model,” by Mark A. Cohen. “The Center for the Study of the Legal Profession at Georgetown University Law Center and Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute recently released the “2017 Report on the State of the Legal Industry.” Writes Cohen: “The Report provides a broad range of data confirming weaknesses in the traditional model: flat demand for law firm services in a market with growing demand; shrinking leverage (one of the cornerstones of the Big Law model); reduced realization; intense competition; and the failure of most law firms to innovate in a market demanding it.

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Shira Scheindlin



And while we are discussing TR’s Legal Executive Institute, today it launched “The Justice Ecosystem,” under the leadership of Stephen Seemer. It focuses on the courts and judges, with the goal of “connecting participants of the justice system together to better administrate justice, share knowledge and protect the community.”
It addresses innovation, technology and workflow.

(Disclosure: I am writing for the unit. Of course, I turned first to Judges James Francis, Paul Grimm, Elizabeth Laporte, David Waxse, Charles Harrington and  retired Judges John Facciola and Shira Scheindlin for my first  articles on the ecosystem!)

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