Coping with Uncertainty

Most of my agenda at CodeX is helping legal tech startups—and addressing how technology can help us better serve the 80% of Americans who can neither find nor afford a lawyer. But 2017 has pushed me into a broader vision—how legal technology can help not just our own established citizens, but the people in our world who want to join us in the United States of America, whether temporarily or permanently.

Coping with Uncertainty: Immigration Firms & Technology
Julie Pearl


Given the agendas of the new U.S. president, it occurred to me that even mature legal technology providers and immigration lawyers may be facing challenges. So I interviewed Julie Pearl—who has been a pioneer in combining her legal training and legal technology wiz (and friend of CodeX).

In 2001, she launched Tracker Corp., which created ImmigrationTracker, an immigration mangement system that is now widely used. She recently launched Pearl Travel Tech. Both intertact with her law firm,” the Pearl Law Group.

I was curious to find out about how her companies have been affected by the efforts of President Trump to restrict entry to the U.S. Her insights are fascinating. You can read our conversation at Above The Law: “Coping With Uncertainty: Immigration Firms & Technology.”

Other Action

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Coping with Uncertainty: Immigration Firms & Technology 2
Shira Scheindlin


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Monica Bay is a CodeX Fellow and a freelance journalist and analyst. She is a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay.

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