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Here are three articles from the 20 presented by PinHawk’s Weekender Law Technology Weekly on Saturday. The choices are determined by data analytics of what PinHawk’s readers read over the prior week. (For more info visit or ping editor Jeffrey Brandt.

NUMBER 1: Five Takeaways From This Year’s Am Law 100 Report,” by Gabe Friedman, Bloomberg Law Big Law Business.”

Fresh Intelligentsia: AmLaw 100 & AI


Friedman focuses on “five data points:”

1. Headcount and revenue growth (the AmLAw 100 rose 2.7 percent with 4.3 rise of revenue.
2.  Gap between top 50 firms and bottom 50 “is real.
3. Firms with top revenues and profits per equity parther. (#1: Latham & Watkinds).
4. Three new faces.
5. Equity partnership is more valuable.

ALM:  2017 Am Law 100.
Image: ALM

Fresh Intelligentsia: AmLaw 100


NUMBER 13: A Lawyer’s guide to Artificial Intelligence; or Why I Joined an AI Startup?,” by Gil Rosenblum. LawGeex.  Writes Rosenblum: “By employing sophisticated Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms (developed by LawGeex research team, led by CTO and co-founder, Ilan Admon) we are making legal practice for in-house counsel more enjoyable, accessible, and efficient.”

Image: LawGeex

NUMBER 14: “Keeping Your Job in the Age of Automation,” by William Vorhies on Data Science Central.
Image: Data Science Central. His summary: “What are the real threats of job loss from real and AI enhanced virtual robots?  How do we position ourselves and our children to succeed in this new environment?”

Fresh Intelligentsia: AmLaw 100 1




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