Legal Rebels Trailblazer: Roland Vogl

My apologies, I somehow missed the news that Roland Vogl has been selected as a 2017 Legal Rebels Trailblazer, by the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal and the Legal Talk Network.

Legal Rebels: Roland Vogl

Victor Li (Assistant Managing Editor at the ABA Journal) interviewed Vogl on March 8th. The podcast title: “CodeX co-founder caught the entrepreneurial bug at Stanford.”

“The idea of being in Silicon Valley and being immersed in the gung-ho spirit where people solve problems—not so much by policy and lawmaking but by building new systems—really appealed to me,” says Vogl in the podcast.

“Vogl co-founded CodeX—the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics in 2008 and currently is the executive director,” said Li. “In his words, CodeX functions as a network for people who want to use the power of technology to change and improve the way the legal system works. Just don’t call it an incubator.”

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Roland Vogl


“We may be an incubator of ideas, but it was never part of our mission or charter to be an incubator in the traditional Silicon Valley sense,” Vogl says.


“We became viewed as one because a lot of the people in our inner circle are very entrepreneurial and started their own startups.”

Vogl also noted his family’s love for outdoor California, especially Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe. “As such, I’m currently in the market for a camper van.”


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Monica Bay is a CodeX Fellow and a freelance journalist. She is a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay. (Li and I worked together at ALM’s Law Technology News.)

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