Catching Up: Tick Tock

Connecticut is a wonderful place to live, especially in its stunning rural areas. But nothing is ever perfect, and CT also has one of the most irritating (literally) “gifts” for the residents: Lyme disease.  (It was named for Lyme, CT, where in 1975, there was a cluster of pediatric cases.)

Lyme disease (and its three companions, Bell’s Palsy, Babasiosis and Ehrlichia) usually are the results of bites from black-legged ticks that hitched a ride on deers, bears or other creatures. The ticks love the great weather this summer and it’s almost impossible to avoid them. It’s become a epidemic in the northeast.

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I am lucky to have a modest cottage with an acre+ that is visited by all sorts of critters, including a lot of deers and one very curious bear. So yes, I became lunch to a hungry tick or two—or more. (The experience reminds me of Alfred Hitchcocks’ 1963 movie, The Birds.)

Fortunately, I went straight to Sharon Hospital’s ER. (If you get this, it’s crucial to go quickly to docs.) The first three weeks were scary (it affects your eyes)—but I’m now mending, thanks to the docs. Moral of the story: If you come to the northeast, you really need to be fully covered if you are in the woods—or anywhere outside.

Soooo that’s why I’ve been pretty much off-grid for a while. Soooo now, let’s catch up now with some news and other info of probably interest to the CodeX gang:

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AMORAL MACHINES:  CodeX Fellow Bryan Casey’s Amoral Machines, Or: How Roboticists Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Law” has  been published by the Northwestern University Law Review. AND it was covered in Wired Magazine! Casey is a J.D. Candidate at the Stanford Law School, J.D. candidate class of 2018!  Congrats!

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See also: A Loophole Large Enough to Drive an Autonomous Vehicle Through.  Stanford Law Review. Dec. 2016.




ILTACON: The annual meeting will be held Aug. 13-17 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. This years’ conference will have some very interesting dynamics (at least for the insiders) due to retirement of Randi Mayes as executive director and the selection of Chicago-based Dan Liutikas with the new title of CEO.

Catching Up: Tick Tock
TJ Johnson


On Aug. 4th, ILTA announced that TJ Johnson has been promoted to Vice President of Events and Conferences; Susan McClellan is now Director of Membership; Corey Simpson is the Chief Technology Officer; and Jason Stookey is V.P of Partner Development.



Fired were Peggy Weschler (Program Director from 1998), Clay Gibney (IT Director since 2008); and Deb Himsel (Director of Learning since 2009).

Here is the new board.

ILTA’s path in 2017 is likely to be very interesting and challenging.  (I won’t be able to attend ILTACON 17 due to the Lyme).

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Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX and a freelance journalist. She is a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay.

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