Talking with Nicole Shanahan

Attorney Nicole Shanahan, founder and CEO of ClearAccessIP, was a guest this month the on Law Technology Now podcast (Legal Talk Network). She also is a CodeX Fellow. (Robert Ambrogi and I are co-hosts for Law Technology Now.)

Nichole Shanahan on Law Technology Now 1


Law Firm Intellectual Property” was one of the many topics that Shanahan and I discussed during the podcast.

Shanahan (left) first discusses ClearAccessIP, which “connects patent managers and portfolios, assists lawyers in building clients’ portfolios, managing licensing deals and helps patent holders monetize and manage their assets.”

Nicole Shanahan on Law Technology Now

She also talked about the San Francisco Police project that she worked on, called “Smart Prosecution.”

“The goal was to use a big data approach to analyze a number of arrests (3,600),” she explained. “These arrests were particularly important to review because they were done by police officers that had been identified as participating a ring of text messages that were incredibly racist in their nature.”

We wrapped up the podcast on the hot topic about the explosion of women who are coming forward about harassment in work environments. Thank you, Nicole!

Nichole Shanahan on Law Technology Now


Listen to the free podcast here.

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Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX and a freelance journalist. She is a member of the California bar. Email: Twitter: @MonicaBay.