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Thinking about CodeX FutureLaw 2019? If you were attending, or couldn’t make it, there are many ways to hear more about the April 4 event.

Riyanka Roy Choudhury:  

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Riyanka is a Fellow at CodeX (Stanford Law School).

She also writes for LAWZAM, such a “A Retrospective Reflection on The CodeX FutureLaw Conference 2019.”




Riyanka’s CodeX FutureLaw article showed many of the day’s topics. Among them, the Dharmishta Rood’s keynote. Rood focused on health impacts; she is the Managing Director, Country Partners at Singularity University. Rood also discussed the need for volunteers.

Riyanka also focused the panels, for example, “Jay Mandal was absolutely fantastic discussing the meaning of practice readiness for 21st Century Lawyers.” (Mandal is also a CodeX Fellow.)

Those are just two of the CodeX FutureLaw 7!  If you missed it, or want to catch up, Riyanka’s article is a great place to start!


Riyanka is a Fellow at CodeX (Stanford Law School). She is a University of California Berkeley alum with a specialization in law and technology. Email: rchoudhury@codex.stanford.edu.   

You can also learn more about her projects at CodeX: “Journey to CodeX: Shaping the Future of Law.

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Monica Bay is a Fellow at CodeX. She is a member of the California Bar. Email: mbay@codex.stanford.edu.Twitter: @MonicaBay.