CodeX Meeting: September 30, 2021

A message from CodeX Executive Director, Roland Vogl…

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Hi Everyone,

Our next CodeX group meeting is this Thursday (Sept 30), from 1:30p to 2:30p PT, via Zoom – please subscribe to our mailing list for access to group meetings. Our meetings continue to be held remotely.

Our guests will be:
Neil Peretz, Founder, Contract Wrangler, Inc. Contract Wrangler applies AI and ML to analyze the terms and obligations in contracts that impact revenue, risk, and cost once the contract is executed; Neil returns with an update.
Paul Kang, Co-Founder & CEO, FastVisa is a workflow automation and case management software, specifically designed for immigration law firms, supporting client intake, payment scheduling, billing, and reporting.
Jacqueline Schafer, Founder and CEO, Clearbrief. Clearbrief is an AI-powered writing tool integrated with Microsoft Word that supports the drafting of legal briefs, aiming to suggest the best pages from the discovery to support each sentence in the document and identify errors in the opponent’s version of the facts and law.

See you then!

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