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2022 Fiscal Year Summary


2022 Fiscal Year Summary
As a new year begins, I am deeply grateful to alumni and friends like you who have made so much possible at Stanford Law School. Your philanthropic support allowed us to push the law school forward, from recruiting and retaining our exceptional faculty, to seeding new ideas for our world-class curricula, expanding opportunities for students, and enabling our community to engage in hands-on research with real public impact. You also empowered us to expand our financial aid program to attract the best and brightest students from diverse backgrounds, one of my top priorities as dean. Your trust and generosity ensure that SLS remains a leader in legal education with an impact far beyond Crown Quadrangle. On behalf of all of us at SLS, thank you.

Jenny S. Martinez, Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean

Financial Overview

Philanthropic support allows Stanford Law School to remain at the forefront of legal education. Your generosity helps SLS support faculty research on topics of global importance, provide essential financial aid for students and public-service and public-interest alumni, and develop timely solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges. Thank you.

Sources of Income

2022 Sources of Income

University Allocation
The law school receives tuition, fees, and other general funds from the university.

Assets invested in the Stanford University endowment are an enduring source of financial support for the law school and are paid out at a rate of approximately 5.5% annually.

Gifts & Grants
Yearly funding gives SLS the ability to enhance the student experience through developing innovative curricula, recruiting and retaining the best and brightest faculty, and engaging our world-wide alumni community.

Revenue from executive education and conference fees supports the law school’s programs and priorities.

Total Dollars Raised
*This figure includes both outright gifts and multi-year pledges (new activity) committed during fiscal year 2022.

Uses of Income

2022 Uses of Income

Instruction & Research
Drives innovative research and supports distinguished faculty in the classroom, global program, clinics, and policy lab

Financial Aid
Gives the majority of Stanford Law School students financial assistance and scholarships

Sustains fundamental operations at SLS, including facilities maintenance, information technology, finance, and human resources

Student Services
Supports the student experience beyond the classroom through programs and services such as the Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law and the Office of Career Services

External Relations
Connects SLS’s global alumni community to current students through communications, events, reunions, volunteer opportunities, and international programs

Maintains essential library services and research resources, including databases, subscriptions, and technology updates

Total Law School Budget

Faculty Research

Stanford Law School is home to some of the most celebrated legal scholars in the world. They investigate, produce research, and share their insights in order to address many of the challenges facing our world, all while serving as mentors and teachers to the next generation of lawyers and leaders who will go on to do the same. Though their areas of expertise differ–from corporate governance to ethical AI and environmental justice–collectively their commitment to excellence in teaching, cultivating knowledge, and research represents the future of teaching at Stanford, and in legal education.

Michelle Wilde Anderson discusses her new book “The Fight to Save the Town: Reimagining Discarded America” on Marketplace

The Fight to Save the Town

Professor Michelle Wilde Anderson’s new book explores how local leaders are confronting government collapse in poor communities across the country

Student Experience

Stanford Law School is a special place to learn the law. With a wide array of interdisciplinary programs, generous financial aid packages, and hands-on experiential learning, SLS is positioned to equip students from diverse experiences and backgrounds with an unparalleled 21st century legal education. Our commitment to innovative teaching and research, and collegial culture both in and out of the classroom ensures that our talented and passionate students are well prepared to understand the challenges facing the legal profession and further create transformative solutions.

Serving Our Community

Though our roots are in Silicon Valley, Stanford Law School’s reach extends beyond the Palo Alto campus. At SLS, we are driven by a passion for new ideas and committed to creating transformative solutions that have real, public impact. Our students are eager to learn the law and are committed to making a difference in the world. We offer experiential learning opportunities through our policy labs and clinics, where students can apply the lessons they learn in the classroom and help clients solve real problems. Our brilliant faculty lend their expertise to communities across the globe, from producing research that will go into the hands of policymakers to providing on-the-ground legal support to communities in need.