The Metaverse and AI Agency: Key Points from the L.A.S.E.R & Stanford University Presentation

Here are the key points from my January 19, 2022 talk on the metaverse and AI agency. To view the presentation, please click here.

The Greater the End-User Experience, the Higher the Stakes

As the metaverse becomes more robust (which is a function of its: features, scalability, stability, and uptime) the quality, volume, and value of in-world end-user interaction will increase.

The Fiduciary Function Critical Attribute of Agency
  • A fiduciary requires loyalty and ranking the principal’s interest as top priority – this can be coded
  • Software bugs and hacking risks will likely be significant
Veiled Identity
  • AI agent can perform similar functions as a corporation does for it shareholders.
  • End-user’s real-world identity is not disclosed.
AI Agent Functions
  • Commercial transactions – buy, sell, negotiate, determine quantity, shipment method, deal with customer service (chat bots)
  • Execute contracts
  • Monitor performance of the contracts
  • Bring legal action for breach of contract, damage to virtual property
  • Observe and advise the human end-user on rules, a computational law function
Metaverse Needs to Provide and Enable
  • Adjudication
  • Legal sanctions
  • Judgment collection
  • What level of AI will be required for agent status? One possibility is a Level C
  • Standards setting organizations (NIST, IEEE, ISO) will likely play an important role