Stanford CodeX Center Announces Appointment of Harry Surden as Associate Director

Stanford, CA – April 18, 2023 – The CodeX Center at Stanford University is proud to announce the appointment of esteemed legal scholar and professor, Harry Surden, as Associate Director. Surden, a well-respected authority in the legal technology and field of artificial intelligence and law, will continue to hold his full-time position as Professor of Law at the University of Colorado Law School.  As Non-Resident Associate Director, Surden will remain at Colorado Law, an institution where he has deep roots, and will not be joining the Stanford Law School faculty.

Surden’s appointment as Associate Director reflects the CodeX Center’s commitment to advancing the frontier of legal technology and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration. Surden is a former professional software engineer, having worked at Bloomberg and Cisco in an engineering role prior to entering law.  His expertise in artificial intelligence, legal informatics, and legal automation will be instrumental in driving the center’s mission to develop cutting-edge technology for the legal profession.

“We are thrilled to welcome Harry Surden to the CodeX Center as our Associate Director,” said Roland Vogl, Executive Director of the CodeX Center. “His wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for legal innovation will greatly contribute to the center’s growth and impact on the legal community.”

Throughout his distinguished career, Surden has published numerous influential articles in top-tier law journals and has been a regular speaker at leading legal technology conferences. As a thought leader in artificial intelligence and law, Surden’s work has contributed to the understanding of how technology can revolutionize the legal industry, improving access to justice and transforming the practice of law.

In his new role as Associate Director, Surden will work closely with the CodeX Center’s team of researchers, engineers, and legal professionals to develop and implement groundbreaking legal technology projects. His unique perspective on the intersection of law and technology will be invaluable to the center’s initiatives, as it seeks to reshape the legal landscape.

About CodeX Center:
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