A Chance To Support Mexico’s Resistance To Democratic Decline – Before It’s Too Late

(Originally published by El País: English | Español on June 21, 2023)

"The Supreme Court of Mexico (Suprema Corte de la Justicia de la Nacion) with the Mexican flag on the roof. Mexico City, Mexico."

The U.S. needs to shift gears and offer open and unequivocal support to independent electoral and judicial institutions in Mexico that act as a check on executive power.

Earlier this year, tens of thousands of Mexicans took to the streets to protest newly enacted legislation gutting the country’s highly-regarded National Electoral Institute (INE) in advance of state elections this year and presidential elections in 2024. In response, the U.S. State Department observed: “Today, in Mexico, we see a great debate on electoral reforms on the independence of electoral and judicial institutions that illustrates Mexico’s vibrant democracy.” The facts, however, suggest that unless the Mexican Supreme Court steps in to save the day, Mexico’s democracy may not be so vibrant after all.

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