Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The Stanford Black Law Student Association (BLSA) is a student-run organization that strives to provide career and academic support for students of African descent, forge alliances among BLSA members, alumni, faculty of color, and other law students in the Bay Area. We provide a space for students to engage with issues impacting black communities, both through discussion and community service.

  • Academic Support: One of Stanford BLSA’s top priorities is to support its members’ academic achievement. In recent years, we have held an introductory study skills session to assist 1Ls with their transition to law school. BLSA members also conduct exam prep sessions for each class in the 1L curriculum. This year, Stanford BLSA is partnering with the National Black Law Students Association to host the Bay Area Academic Retreat.
  • Career Guidance: Stanford BLSA holds events with various law firms throughout the year in order to help our students become familiar with a wide range of career options. This past year BLSA hosted panels discussing the unique issues facing lawyers of color, including the legal hiring process, the culture at large law firms, attorney retention, and diversity in the legal profession. Stanford BLSA members have access to successful alumni from large law firms, state and federal government, and public interest organizations. These alumni return to campus and give back to Stanford BLSA by taking the time to network with members and discuss their careers in small group settings.
  • Social Networking: Stanford BLSA coordinates and participates in a number of social activities to encourage closer ties between its members and connect to the broader black community at Stanford. BLSA “families” connect 1L, 2L, and 3L students to share experiences and provide guidance. We also co-host social and academic events with other minority groups at the law school and throughout the University. BLSA attends the Alumni of Color Reception during Alumni Weekend and participates in activities with other Bay Area BLSAs, connecting members to alumni, fellow students, and other attorneys.
  • Community Engagement: BLSA is committed to identifying and articulating the needs and viewpoints of the nation’s black communities by hosting forums for discussion, including our annual conference as well as speakers throughout the academic year. BLSA also hosts community service events that allow our members to engage with underserved populations throughout the Bay Area.
  • Campus Diversity: BLSA works very closely with the Law School administration on minority student recruiting and retention, financial aid, and minority faculty hiring.

The Stanford Black Law Student Association (BLSA) is a chapter of the National BLSA organization that includes more than 200 member law schools.

All members of the Stanford community are encouraged to participate in our events.


2015-16 Board Members

Darryl Long
Megan McKoy

Vice President:
Afia Bonner

Imani Lee

Torryn Taylor

Academic Development Co-Chairs:
Amari Hammonds
Mollie Miller

Community Development & Social Co-Chairs:
Cameron Brown
Mackenzie Tudor

Corporate Relations Chair:
Isaiah Deporto

Professional Development Chair:
Juan Gonzalez

Community Action Chair:
Amy Tannenbaum

Gala Chair:
Eric Smith