Campus Survivor’s Pro Bono Project (PILOT)


The Campus Survivor’s Pro Bono Project works to provide trauma informed, comprehensive representation for survivors of sexual violence throughout the Title IX process. Our goal is to support survivors through a complex and often re-traumatizing process. Student participants will be trained to provide trauma informed care, perform intake interviews, prepare cross examinations (for attorney review), draft closing arguments (for attorney review), and more. If you are visiting this page as a survivor and seeking representation, please contact our supervising attorney, Ahmed Mostafa:

Commitment Required of Members:

The project will host 10 students each quarter, and requires 1-2 hours of commitment each week.

Open Membership Spots:  Pilot Year; Will Recruit Up to 10 Participants Outside of Ranked Application

Adv. Degree Student Participation: Yes

Winter Start: Permitted

Eligible for Meeting NYS Bar Pro Bono Requirement: Likely

Language Ability Preference: None

Project Leaders: Ashton Woods