Advanced Criminal Law and Public Policy: A Research Practicum


Course Code:
LAW 417
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


This course will provide students with a rare opportunity to engage in real-world crime policy analysis, both as a way to use some of the skills they have learned in previous SLS courses, as well as to help them learn about the political and practical issues involved in constructing public policies. Students will work with a "client" agency or organization in the crime policy sector to carry out a policy-related research and analysis project. We will organize ourselves as a provisional policy think-tank or, if you prefer, a makeshift policy institute or short-term consulting group. As such, this practice-oriented course has both learning and real-world policy reform goals, which makes this course unique within SLS and, I hope, refreshing and compelling. Students will learn how to: Identify and analyze empirical data for policy purposes; develop evidence-based policy proposals; interact with high-level policymakers around politically sensitive issues; and effectively prepare a policy brief and deliver a formal presentation to high-level government officials.

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