Advanced Criminal Practice


Course Code:
LAW 476
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


In this seminar, we will discuss the most pressing current issues and cases across the criminal justice spectrum, from arrest through appeal and collateral attack. Our focus will be on the practice of criminal law — how prosecutors and defense lawyers actually develop and use the latest cases and arguments. The subjects that we will take up will include, for example, ineffective assistance and the death penalty, sentencing, the "drug court" development, public prosecution and white collar crime. Each student will choose a case from the Supreme Court's current criminal docket and write about the issues that either arose or should have arisen during any of the stages of the case. Understanding these issues will require a careful investigation of the case history and the way it is developed for the Supreme Court. Particular attention will be paid to the ethical issues that arise in practice. Our text for the course will be pre-assigned cases from the current Criminal Law Reporter, along with articles and litigation materials in connection with a particular topic. Students should use the class to develop the habit of keeping up with the constantly evolving law in the specialized fields of criminal law and criminal procedure.

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