Advanced Negotiation: International


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LAW 7823
Law Mandatory P/R/F


(Formerly Law 661) Understanding the fundamentals of negotiation and conflict resolution in the international domain is now more critical than ever. This hands-on, advanced seminar is designed to teach students how to prepare for, participate in, and critically evaluate complex multiparty negotiations in the public international field. Through experience-based learning and simulations, the course will expose students to various types of international conflict resolution processes. These processes include second track negotiation and dialogue, natural resource management and extractive industries, and peace agreements, including security sector reform and DDR (disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of armed groups). Special attention will be paid to the role of mediators and facilitators in such processes, as well as lawyers and legal advocates. Prerequisites: Negotiation Seminar, its substantial academic equivalent, or substantial experience in the field. SPILS students are especially encouraged to enroll. This course is also open to cross-registration by graduate students in a variety of departments and programs including International Policy Studies. Please describe prior negotiations coursework and experience on your Consent Form. Any student deemed to be lacking the required foundational knowledge may still be admitted to the course, but required to attend an intensive bootcamp in basic negotiation theory and methods on Saturday, April 8th. Grading Criteria: The seminar requires that students do the required reading, actively participate in class and simulations, and to write a series of six short assignments. CONSENT APPLICATION: To apply for this course, students must complete and submit the Consent Form available on the SLS website (Click Courses at the bottom of the homepage and then click Consent of Instructor Forms).

Current Offerings

2016-2017 Spring

Advanced Negotiation: International LAW 7823 Section 01 Class #31993

  • 3 Units
  • Enrollment Limitations: Consent 20

Notes: Classroom TBA by instructor. PS -Professional Skills Requirement for Law Degree. EL -Experiential Learning Requirement for Law Deg.

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Past Offerings

2015-2016 Spring

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