Comparative Corporate Capitalism


Course Code:
LAW 340
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


Forms of corporate ownership and control vary widely from one country to another.The type of corporate capitalism based on widely distributed share ownership that is found in the United States, and that is the usual subject of law school corporate law and corporate governance courses, is in fact an outlier. For example, in most countries public corporations have a controlling shareholder. In this seminar we'll examine the organization of enterprise in a range of both developed and developing countries to the end of understanding their variety, including the influence of a country's political governance. As part of this exercise, we'll look at the ways in which organizations and organizational law have evolved in different countries, and we'll speculate on the directions in which they'll continue to evolve in the future. Finally, we'll address the relationship between forms of capitalism and economic development. Students will do a series of short weekly papers on the readings.nElements used in grading: Series of short weekly papers.

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