Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law


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LAW 7015
Law Honors/Pass/Restrd Cr/Fail


(Formerly 448) This is an advanced constitutional law seminar for students who have already taken the introductory Constitutional Law course. The seminar will provide an opportunity for in-depth discussion of competing theories of constitutional interpretation, the role of the Supreme Court in our political system, and analysis of judicial behavior. Each week, these themes will be examined through the lens of a current "hot topic" in constitutional law – for example, the Affordable Care Act, affirmative action, the Second Amendment, the death penalty, executive power in the war on terrorism, campaign finance, immigration, same-sex marriage, and other topics. This is not a "spectator" class; all students will be expected to participate actively in class discussion each week. This is a good seminar for students interested in clerking or pursuing academia. Prerequisite: Constitutional Law. Elements used in grading: Attendance, Participation, Written Assignments.

Past Offerings

2016-2017 Autumn

Contemporary Issues in Constitutional Law LAW 7015 Section 01 Class #29191

  • 3 Units
  • Enrollment Limitations: Lottery 40
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