Corporate Income Taxation


Course Code:
LAW 351
Law Honors/Pass/R credit/Fail


This course is an intensive introduction to the federal income taxation of large American business corporations. As a result, it does not touch on the taxation of partnerships or S corporations, which are the tax-preferred forms for many privately-held business enterprises and investment funds. The course reviews the tax considerations relevant to each stage in the life cycle of a corporation, but emphasizes business acquisitions and divestitures. The instructor makes special efforts to relate classroom topics to current public deals, to show how tax law develops through complex interactions among Congress, administrative agencies, courts and taxpayers, and to demonstrate how lawyers (in this case, tax lawyers) add value for their clients in structuring transactions. Class participation is expected, but except in extraordinary cases will not be graded. Basic Tax or permission of the instructor is a prerequisite. The student's final grade will be based on a final exam, although class participation in rare cases may improve a student's grade. Elements used in grading: Final Exam.

Current Offerings

2015-2016 Autumn

Corporate Income Taxation LAW 351 Section 01 Class #27290

  • 4 Units
    • 2L3LADV

Notes: In-class Final.

  • Room: Law90

Past Offerings

2014-2015 Spring

Corporate Income Taxation LAW 351 Section 01 Class #32101

  • 3 Units
    • 2L3LADV

Notes: In-class Final.

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